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What is the difference between Hi3518C and Hi3518E?

mvteam mvteamcctv.com 2015-11-13 11:53:56
original article from http://www.mvteamcctv.com/news/What-is-the-difference-between-Hi3518C-and-Hi3518E.html

As the IP Camera has different solution/chipset in market, so the price of IP camera also have big difference. In the market, we can easily find the IP camera specification written with Hi3518C and Hi3518E, however few people would know what is the difference and can not figure out which is suitable.

Right now let’s come to notice the Sepecification between the two chipset Hi3518C and Hi3518E(you can study more about the chipset , then you will know why)

3518E Inter core Processor:ARM9@Max.440MHz,16KB-Cache,16KB D-Cache
3518C Inter core Processor:ARM926@ 440MHz,16KB-Cache,16KB D-Cache

3518C CBR/VBR Stream rate : 32kbit/s~40Mbit/s
3518E CBR/VBR/ABR Stream rate : 16kbit/s~20Mbit/s

3518C ISP support Anti-fog, lens Adjust, Mirror,Flip, support WDR and tone mapping ,while 3518E not

3518C power consumption: 700mW
3518E power consumption: 900mW

Here attach some information for your reference.

MVTEAM Sensor Some other factory's IP Sensor Mark
1.0MP Hi3518C+OV9712 Hi3518E + OV9712 1-Price can cheaper 3-5 US dollar
2-Image quality in night not so good
3-high heat, high repair rate
4-low Stream rate, image delayed
1.3MP Hi3518C+SONY IMX238 Hi3518E + AR0130
Price can cheaper 10-12 USD,
price similar our 1.0MP IP camera price.

Hi3518C + AR0130 Price can cheaper 8-10 US dollar
2.0MP Hi3516C + SONY IMX222 / /

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