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Securing the Network to Make Security Cameras Hack-proof
Release on 2017-08-16Do you know there are websites that broadcast the streams of more than 72k IP cameras? Allowing unfettered access into thousands of homes and properti...Read More
New Arrival! 2MP WIFI Home IP Camera With RJ45 Port
Release on 2017-08-14WIFI Smart Cloud IP Cameras have been enjoying a good sales volume. We’ve got feedback and comments by users which are competitive price, multi-funct...Read More
IR Cut Switch Failed Will Cause Color Cast Problem of Security Cameras--How to Solve?
Release on 2017-08-10The applications of IR-cut greatly impove the image quality of security cameras, especially for HD video surveillance, without IR cut, a day&night IR ...Read More
How to Adjust the Color of Security Cameras?
Release on 2017-08-08Nowadays, security surveillance cameras enable to capture color videos as the same color as monitored things. But if the color is not accurate, the im...Read More
How to check whether the DVR/NVR is connected to Internet?
Release on 2017-08-07When you can see image of cameras on the monitor, but can’t remote view on the mobile phone/PC, the first thing you need do is checking whether the D...Read More
How to do When Wifi Camera Offline?
Release on 2017-08-02After sell wifi cameras to your customers, are there customers feedback about offline problem? If yes, how do you solve the problem for them? Follow p...Read More
How to choose lens of security cameras if you want to see human faces/car plate number clearly?
Release on 2017-07-27Lens is the eye of security camera, it's one of the most important part of a security camera. Do you know how to choose lens to achieve different sur...Read More
What is Port Forwarding and P2P Cloud for DVR/NVR?
Release on 2017-07-25Port forwarding is the way your DVR/NVR to establish remote connection with the APP/CMS of your surveillance device on phone/PC. Each DVR/NVR comes wi...Read More
Important Tips for IP Camera System Installation
Release on 2017-07-241. How to choose switches for IP system? For 8pcs IP cameras or more (including 8pcs above 720P) need use the full Gigabit network switch. Because the...Read More
Staic or DHCP---Which One is More Beneficial for Security Camera System?
Release on 2017-07-20Either static or DHCP, it is a necessary setting for remoting view security camera system. When choose static, you can assign a IP address to DVR/NVR/...Read More
How to Enable BNC output for MVTEAM 5-in-1 Hybrid DVR?
Release on 2017-07-18Currently, more clients use HDMI output, but some clients also need BNC output. For MVTEAM 5-in-1 DVR, users can directly use HDMI, VGA output. But wh...Read More
DVR/NVR Problem---Why So Hot and Noisy?
Release on 2017-07-17In a DVR or NVR system, heat and noise are the common problem for users. Technically speaking, the main criminals are usually friction and vibration c...Read More
New Camera! HD 1MP PT Wireless and Wired Smart Cloud IP Camera
Release on 2017-07-14Wifi cameras can save cost on works and cable connection, but due to the instability of wifi network, some customers still pefer wifi cameras with a w...Read More
New Arrival! 4CH 1080H Mini DVR with N_eye APP
Release on 2017-07-11Dear friends, we released the second new product in July---Mini DVR(AHD+TVI+CVI+CVBS+IP)! The special feature of the mini dvr is mini size(23.4*12*5.6...Read More
Video Image Comparison Between MVTEAM 1MP and 2MP Wifi Smart Camera
Release on 2017-07-101MP wifi smart IP camera( H100-Q6) is one of the hot sale cameras in the first half year of 2017. Based on customers' demands, we released 2MP wifi sm...Read More
NEW Arrival! 2MP 1080P P/T Wifi Smart Cloud IP Camera
Release on 2017-07-05Along with the impressive sales volume of 1MP WIFI IP Camera (H100-Q6), we have been launched a new version 2MP 1080P wifi camera H100-Q8 to meet more...Read More
Security Camera Footage---How to balance the quality and quantity?
Release on 2017-07-04Most security cameras are connected to DVRs or NVRs which have hard disks for storing security camera footage. And this is where the question of quali...Read More
How to do when cameras no image at night but work well in daytime?
Release on 2017-06-30Some security camera users encounter a strange phenomenon, the camera appear the image normally in the daytime, but no image at night and don't know w...Read More
Which Kind of MVTEAM CCTV Products Support Audio Function?
Release on 2017-06-29With so many different kinds of security cameras MVTEAM sells, recognizing which can support audio function would be a daunting task. This article wil...Read More
How to Backup NVR Video Record by USB Flash Drive?
Release on 2017-06-27MVTEAM CCTV system are designed to overwrite. If its capacity is already full, the previous video records will be erased. so if you want to keep the r...Read More