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Technical Article for Camera

How to Check a CCTV Camera is Working or Not?
Release on 2017-06-22There are 5 simple ways that can help you to check whether a CCTV camera is working or not. 1. For a PTZ camera, you will see this camera rotate conti...Read More
Why CCTV lighting Choose IR Leds?
Release on 2017-06-14Firstly, let’s talk about the advantages of IR Leds. 1) Infrared Leds provide IR light which is invisible to the human eye but visible to the CCTV ca...Read More
Whether Panoramic Camera is Really Necessary for Camera Surveillance System?
Release on 2017-06-05Some customers asked "Whether Panoramic Camera is Really Necessary for Camera Surveillance System?". The answer is “it depends on where you want to u...Read More
Factors Affecting the image quality of IP Cameras
Release on 2017-05-31What are the factors that determine the image quality of a IP Camera? By changing which factors can change the camera's effect? In this post, we will ...Read More
FAQs of Wifi Smart Cloud IP Camera
Release on 2017-05-18Wifi Smart Cloud IP camera is one of MVTEAM hot sale cameras in 2017. According to our customers feedback, here we summary some FAQs to guide the user...Read More
Sync Time Setting--Smart Home WIFI IP Camera
Release on 2017-05-15We have got feedback about time synchronization for smart home IP cameras by MVTEAM users. If you as well as suffer this problem, do not worry about i...Read More
How to plan the monitoring points for PTZ cameras?
Release on 2017-05-12PTZ cameras are widely used in big area monitoring, such as road, airport, bank, shopping mall etc. Here we summary 9 tips of how to plan the monitori...Read More
How to remote view MVTEAM Wifi IP Camera on Computer?
Release on 2017-05-10MVTEAM wifi smart cloud IP cameras not only support remote view via mobile phone,but also support view on computer. In this post, we will introduce ho...Read More
Things Need Pay Attention When Install Panorama CCTV Camera
Release on 2017-05-09Panoramic camera is a special type camera, enabling a wide range of monitoring applications with minimal cost. For wide-area monitoring, they are well...Read More
How to do when there is noise on image of IP cameras?
Release on 2017-05-04For MVTEAM IP cameras,before delivering the goods we have more than 24 hours aging test for each camera including day&night working modes.We are sure ...Read More
How to adjust vari-focal lens of cctv cameras?
Release on 2017-05-02Do you prefer fixed lens camera or vari-focal lens cameras? Be honestly, If you are not sure the angle or distance you need for viewing, we will sugge...Read More
MVTEAM Wifi IP Cameras Support Firmware Update Via APP V12
Release on 2017-04-26We always update the firmware of Wifi smart IP camera for better functions. Users can update the firmware easliy on mobile phone via APP V12. The udpa...Read More
How to do when there is no image from AHD camera?
Release on 2017-04-10When you connect AHD cameras to DVR,but there is no image from cameras on the screen,then how to do? Here we will guide you how to exclude every cause...Read More
Do you know what's the mean of FOV,HFOV,VFOV,DFOV for security cameras?
Release on 2017-03-30When considering the location and number of security cameras for a new project,need know FOV of cameras to calculate the camera coverage.Do you know w...Read More
How to slove the backlight phenomenon of cctv surveillance cameras?
Release on 2017-03-28Sometimes,there is backlighting phenomenon of surveillance cameras.What's the reason of backlighting phenomenon and how to solve it? Here we will show...Read More
Basic Differences Between Analog and Digital Surveillance Cameras
Release on 2017-03-20  There are many types surveillance cameras in the market,including AHD,TVI,CVI,CVBS,IP and SDI.All the cameras can be divided into two categories:a...Read More
Buying Guide of WiFi Smart Camera
Release on 2017-03-17If you can physically keep an eye on your home, business office or personal property while you are not around. It owes to the masterpiece of a state-o...Read More
Where will you need WiFi Smart IP Camera?
Release on 2017-03-06Do you use mobile phone? Yes. Do your house or office, shop have WiFi network? Yes. Do you need safety for your family and property? Yes. You can DIY ...Read More
Maintenance of CCTV Camera Lens
Release on 2017-02-27Along with day after day passing by, a brand new camera lens will be dirty and obscured. Hence, how are we gonna do to keep it clean effectively? Let'...Read More
Live Demo For 2MP 180° WiFi Smart Cloud IP Camera(H100-A5)
Release on 2017-02-24MVTEAM released the new 2MP 1080P 180 Degrees Panorama Camera H100-A5. Many friends want to see the live demo.It's available now. All MVTEAM WiFi smar...Read More