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How to solve time display faults for IP video surveillance system?
Release on 2016-12-02IP Video surveillance system generally is composed of five parts including front-end monitoring equipment, transmission equipment, back-end storage eq...Read More
Common Misunderstandings about IP Surveillance System
Release on 2016-11-08People who know less about surveillance products often have below misunderstanding about IP surveillance system.The common misunderstandings maybe mis...Read More
What is NTSC, PAL for Analog signal cameras?
Release on 2016-11-07When confirm an order, we’ll ask customers what TV system in their country is: NTSC or PAL. This is asked for Analog/AHD cameras.Then,what is NTSC, P...Read More
You could be monitored if your surveillance devices are NOT password protected
Release on 2016-10-27With the advent of the IOT(Internet of things),malicious hacking attacks will be more frequent and hidden, while developing technology and equipment t...Read More
Three Points On Choosing Alarm Devices For CCTV System
Release on 2016-10-25CCTV System with external alarm device will be better secure your life anytime and provide good protection for your home and business. These are three...Read More
How does H.265 IP Camera help you save cost?
Release on 2016-10-191.Save your current cost A.HDD(Hard Drive Disk) cost For example: 4 pcs 2MP IP cameras for 1 month, stream: 4096Kbps. H.264 IP camera need 42G×4×30...Read More
How many devices can be powered by a PoE switch?
Release on 2016-10-13With the development of power supply technology, many network devices support PoE. In the network monitoring construction, in order to reduce wiring c...Read More
How to avoid interference for wireless surveillance system?
Release on 2016-10-10When comes to wireless surveillance,people may think of another word:interference.Wireless surveillance system bring us convenience, but at the same t...Read More
What's Mbps,Kbps,bps,kb,mb?
Release on 2016-09-22The units Mbps,Kbps,bps,kb,mb are often mentioned in CCTV network surveillance.Do you know what's Mbps,Kbps,bps,kb,mb stand for?Here we'd like to expl...Read More
How to do when there is no image on the monitor of the Wireless NVR kit ?
Release on 2016-09-19Wireless NVR Kit is very popular in 2016,whether you or your customers have met monitor no image problem after the system working for some days? When...Read More
How to protect cctv surveillance system from being invaded ?
Release on 2016-08-31Some Media reported that those cctv surveillance cameras installed in offices, shops, streets and even houses became the window of monitoring surveill...Read More
What is Dual Stream for video surveillance?
Release on 2016-08-17In network video surveillance,the analog audio&video signals are imaging, capturing and encoding to digital audio&video signal to transfer on network ...Read More
FAQs Summary about MVTEAM CCTV Products
Release on 2016-08-12Here we summarize the FAQs about MVTEAM AHD Cameras,IP Camera,DVR/NVR,Wireless NVR kit etc.If you have any questions about MVTEAM CCTV products,you ma...Read More
Main Video Interfaces --HDMI,VGA,BNC
Release on 2016-08-051--HDMI(High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a digital audio/video interface. It's a special type digital interface for video transmission, which ...Read More
How to do when forget password of wireless nvr kit?
Release on 2016-07-28When you forgot the passward of wireless nvr kit,how to do ? Please don’t worry,here we will guide you how reset the DVR password. When it prompts ...Read More
Why no image when connect cctv camera dvr system to monitor?
Release on 2016-07-21After building a cctv system,have you meet no image problem?Some channels no image or full screen no image.How do you solve such problem? If you use M...Read More
What functions can be achieved by UTC function(coaxial control)?
Release on 2016-06-22UTC function also is called Coaxial Control function,MVTEAM New UI DVR support this function.Do you know what functions of the cameras can be achieved...Read More
How long the coaxial cable,twisted-pair and optical fiber can transfer in CCTV System?
Release on 2016-06-14Different CCTV project has different feature and particularity,so when build a CCTV system,we need consider many factors.One of the most important thi...Read More
What’s the Difference Between VGA, HDMI and DVI? Which is better?
Release on 2016-06-06In the CCTV field sometimes we will face the problems with the video output port, like the most often used VGA, HDMI and DVI... Today we will share wi...Read More
Do you want to know why most MVTEAM customers choose AHD system?
Release on 2016-06-02Since the HD CCTV system(AHD,TVI,CVI,SDI) come into market,more and more CCTV users choose the HD CCTV system instead of the traditional analog CCTV s...Read More