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Technical Article for DVR/NVR

Things need pay attention when choose hybrid DVR
Release on 2017-04-20The access and forward ability for IP Cameras At first, you need pay attention to the access and forward ability for IP Cameras.For example:It can mee...Read More
How to connect AHD PTZ Camera to Hybrid DVR?
Release on 2017-04-07If you need control PTZ Cameras by DVR, except cable connection,also need do some configuration on DVR.Here we will guide you how to connect the AHD P...Read More
How to add IP camera to the specified channel on NVR?
Release on 2017-03-07As we know if you wanna add cameras to the specified channels on DVR,check the back panel of DVR and will find there are CH1,CH2,CH3...marked on it .F...Read More
How to setup different DVR operation authority for different users?
Release on 2017-03-01All the DVRs support multiple users management, and administrator can set up different operation authority for each user.Here we will use MVTEAM 5 in...Read More
How to connect when monitor is 100m away from DVR?
Release on 2017-02-06Some customers ask whether can connect DVR to monitor which is 80m~100m away from DVR? The answer is "Yes",but it's better to avoid such kind of situa...Read More
How to remote playback DVR(PAH5 series) video record via CMS on PC?
Release on 2017-01-12MVTEAM PAH51/53/55 series DVRs support remote payback video record via CMS software on computer.Here we will guide you how to remote payback via CMS s...Read More
What should care when choose storage device for security cameras?
Release on 2016-12-27In the cctv market, there are many storage devices exist mainly the AHD DVR,SDI-DVR,Hybrid DVR,NVR,CVR,NAS,SAS,cloud technology .When choose the camer...Read More
The Third Mobile APP GOOLINK for MVTEAM 5 in 1 Hybrid DVR
Release on 2016-12-21MVTEAM 5 in 1 hybrid DVRs support three kinds APPs to view on mobile phone --TOPSVIEW, XVR, GOOLINK. And it don’t need to change software of DVR, can...Read More
How to change password for DVR(PAH51 / 53 /55 series)?
Release on 2016-12-20Some of the customers asked about how to reset the password of DVR (PAH51 / 53 /55series).Please know the default password of all our DVR is blank,tha...Read More
How to Remote Backup DVR Video Records by Client Software?
Release on 2016-12-19Last week we shared the article about how to backup dvr video records by USB flash disk,many friends like and share the article,thank you so much.Toda...Read More
How to setup audio function for DVR(PAH51/53/55 series)?
Release on 2016-12-15Most DVRs support audio function,but the way to setup audio function is different.Here we will guide you how to setup the audio function for our PAH51...Read More
How to do when your Hybrid DVR cannot connect the cameras in full Channels?
Release on 2016-12-12Recently we have been frequently asked by customers the same question, why my 16ch (8ch) Hybrid DVR just can show 8ch (4ch) video recording which the ...Read More
How to backup DVR video record by USB flash disk?
Release on 2016-12-09Here we will show you how tobackup DVR video record by USB flash disk for MVTEAM 5 in 1DVR.1-Insert a USB flash disk to DVR USB port(pic 1). pic 1 2-E...Read More
How to set a name for camera via DVR?
Release on 2016-12-01Channel title setup is a basic DVR function,but it's really a useful function which can give different name for each camera to help users distinguish ...Read More
DVR vs NVR vs HVR - How To Choose?
Release on 2016-11-29Nowadays since there are DVR, NVR and HVR, then some customers feel confused regards how to choose the right one. Today we will make this more easier ...Read More
How to connect alarm devices to CCTV DVR?
Release on 2016-10-26Most DVRs have alarm input and output ports,it means the DVRs support alarm devices.Then,do you know how to connect alarm devices to DVR?Here we drew ...Read More
XVR---Another P2P APP for MVTEAM 5 in 1 hybrid DVR
Release on 2016-10-24Mobilephone APP is the necessary part for DVRs,we have two APPs for our new UI 5 in 1 DVR.One APP is "Topsview",we had introduced it before.Another AP...Read More
How to do when DVR can not detect hard disk?
Release on 2016-10-18Do you have the experience on sloving DVR can not detect hard disk problem?If yes,would you like to share your solution with us?In exchange,following ...Read More
How to Playback DVR Record on Mobile APP VG LITE?
Release on 2016-10-12Whether the app of your DVR is VG LITE?Do you know how to playback DVR records on this App? If not,welcome to read this article.Here will show how to ...Read More
What does 1U, 2U,3U,4U mean for CCTV DVR?
Release on 2016-10-08When talking about DVR, some customers may mention 1U DVR, 2U DVR...What does 1U, 2U mean ? “U” is short for Unit, represents the external dimension...Read More