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Wifi Smart Home Camera - A Special Christmas Gift For Your Friends and Family!
Release on 2017-12-01Christmas season is coming! Are you puzzled about choosing Christmas gifts for your friends and family member? Here I'd like to share a great gift ide...Read More
Choose smart camera, get safty protection for your properties.
Release on 2017-06-09What’s the most valuable object in a house? Would it be a painting, the vault, the swimming pool or the parking? Ok, there is a lot that matters, yet...Read More
Let smart camera look after the house,go on a trip at any time!
Release on 2017-03-10Are you worried about leaving your house empty while on holiday?Let smart camera look after the house, go on a trip at any time! You can monitor the h...Read More
The most Challenging activity on the weekends-- 100KM Hiking
Release on 2016-04-07With the popularity of physical exercise, more and more meaningful outdoor activities flourish up nowadays. In Shenzhen city there is an annual activi...Read More
What is QingMing Festival?
Release on 2016-04-01April 4th is Chinese QingMing Festival in 2016, a traditional Festival of China, also known as Pure Brightness Festival or Tomb-sweeping Day, is one o...Read More
How much do you know about Chinese traditional festivals?
Release on 2015-12-08Traditional Chinese festivals are an important part of the country's history and culture, both ancient and modern. Many of the customs connected with ...Read More
Overview of CES 2015
Release on 2015-11-04Consumer Electronics Show(CES), is an internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show, attracting major companies and industry professi...Read More