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What’s the standard to estimate your CCTV Surveillance System?

Jane Tan www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-03-03 15:15:57

A complete CCTV surveillance system is made up of 5 parts, Front-end surveillance equipment; Transmission equipment; Storage Backend equipment; Master Control Equipment; Display device. 

wireless CCTV Surveillance System

How to judge your surveillance is great or just so so?
In my opinions it has 6 standards:
Standard 1: The Project Structure should be clear ,simple,high integration and 
not complicated; 

Standard 2: Management simplely, reduce the cost of operation and maintaince; 

Standard 3: Powerful operation functions, realtime play, playback, recording mode…more intelligence;
Standard 4: Easy to check, no limited to the places and time;
Standard 5: Security, video data protection, to prevent malicious damage;
Standard 6: Capacity of expansion,it possible to extend the system in times of real need.

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