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Why MVTEAM Wifi Smart Cameras are Suitable For Online Sales?

  • Author:Grace
  • Source:www.mvteamcctv.com
  • Release on:2018-05-04
Do you have online shop?
Are you a seller on Ebay, Amazon, Wish, Lazada, Souq or Banggood?
Which kind of products are you selling and how do you choose the products?
MVTEAM, a CCTV products manufacture&exporter in China. Based on our 14 years experience in CCTV field, we recommend wifi smart security cameras for online sales.
Why MVTEAM Wifi Smart Cameras are Suitable For Online Sales?

Following are the reasons why MVTEAM Wifi Smart Cameras are Suitable For Online Sales.
Simple set up and easy installation.
Download an APP and set up the camera on smartphone. Put the camera on desk or mount it on the wall/ceilling with the included base and screws. Every one can do it according to user manual, don’t need proffessional staff  set up and install.

2- Wide Application
Wide application means large market demand. The wifi camera can be used as home security camera, baby monitor, nanny camera, elder camera, pet camera, office and shop monitoring. No matter in the office or take a trip, just take out smartphone and remote control it freely.

3- Stable and reliable quality, CE, RoHS, FCC approved.
Why MVTEAM Wifi Smart Cameras are Suitable For Online Sales?
4- Customized logo on package and wifi cameras(OEM)
Why MVTEAM Wifi Smart Cameras are Suitable For Online Sales?(There is MOQ for customized logo, if you are interested, please email to sales@mvteamcctv.com) 

5- Support Multi-languages
The APP supports English, Chinese, Japanese (coming soon).

6- Small size to save shipping cost
Size of each camera package: 17.5cm(L)*10.5cm(W)*9.2cm(H), gross weight 400g. 
The small size can save shipping cost from China to your warehouse, and save express cost from your warehouse to your customer.

7- Appropriate price for online sale
The retail price of wifi cameras is around $40~$70, the profit is higher than most 3C products. Also the value is not too high to make you lose lots of money when customer return and refund for it.

8- There is entry requirements, not every seller can do it.
Technical support is necessary for wifi camera online sales. If you are in video surveillance field, and now want to start online sales, the wifi smart security cameras will be your best choice. Because you have advantage on the technical support.

After read above reasons, do you want to sell the wifi smart security cameras in your online shop now?
If yes, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Email: sales@mvteamcctv.com
Web: www.mvteamcctv.com
Skype: cnmvteam
Whatsapp, wechat, mobile phone: +86 13632876665