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Why the Infrared camera shows bad at night?

mvteam mvteamcctv.com 2015-11-10 14:13:00

Many customers told me that there will be common white,noise and snow in the evening,then we start to test some infrared CCTV cameras in the market,we summarized the reasons as follows:

1-Lack of electric current

Some customers use 12V power supply in the short distance,but it should not be used in the long distance.Firstly,the infrared LED will generate large power in the long transmission distance,12V power supply will be unstable to support the infrared camera have a good performance at night. Secondly,the current will decay faster in the long distance transmission, which will lead to infrared light cannot work normally.

2-The poor quality of infrared light,the angel of infrared LED and the IR distance cannot match with Lens

1) the poor quality of infrared light:if you buy a camera with poor quality infrared LED,the more LEDS,the more problems.

2) the angel of infrared LED: Some companies buy the camera can be suitable for 2mm IR lens,3.8mm IR lens and 6mm IR lens,maybe it is very convenient to them,but there is a problem,when you put the lens in the camera,the angel is incorrect,which will easy leaked. 

3) the IR distance cannot match with Lens:if you use the 12mm IR lens,but you use the IR LEDS with 10-12 meters,which will easy be gray phenomenon,a distant blur, near fluttering snowflakes.

3-The problem for crafty.

Some manufacturers install the IR Leds, they do not recheck whether the infrared light is focused, Scattered light rays will be caused.

4-Built-in poor quality camera with high illumination.

Many factories in order to obtain a brighter image in the same premise infrared light auxiliary light,they increased the sensitivity of the CCD. In order to reduce the cost,they built-in the power quality camera inside.this camera in infrared light fill light is insufficient, in order to be brighter, so the camera artificially increase the gain sensitivity CCD, with our increase in DVR high brightness, is prone to the phenomenon of snow. 

5-Unreasonable design of circuit.

Before we insert the IR leds in the camera,we need to redesign the circuit and aging,but in the market,Many manufacturers wanna reduce their cost to get more profits,they buy some cheap electronic components and cheap IR leds,directly insert the infrared leds in the camera,without aging and redesign.In addition,some factory in order to save the cost,they get rid of the control board or integrated with the light board,which can be easily lead to infrared light not work.

6-it may be relatively lower in the outdoor dusty environment

Especially in the field, there may be cameras in the infrared light meat seeing less of fine particles shoot out,which in the daytime infrared light is not turned on, the feeling is not obvious to the naked eye and the camera,and this phenomenon is the environment dictates.

There are many reasons to caused the noise,but If they find the real reason, it is much simpler to solve:

*Use the highly stable transformer, solve the current problem of inadequate testing with a multimeter voltage and current size, to ensure that infrared light is working properly.


*Use of high-quality infrared light. It is equally important, if the infrared light is poor,the current must be bad. 

*Replace inferior inside poor camera with a good one. Maybe the camera is with high illumination while outdoors brightness is not high, generate the noise, so the use of black and white with color to black camera or camcorder.

*Use the dual filter or double glass structure to increase the intake of the degree of infrared light at night and avoid mist affect the lens.