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Colorful weekend, Colorful Life

Jane Tan www.mvteamcctv.com 2015-12-17 16:50:11
There is a welfare in MVTEAM-----a two days trip near Shenzhen city in Dec every year.
This year our sales department travel to HeYuan, also a city in Guangdong, 3 hours by car.
During these two days we have a variety of activities, like visit Chinese traditional temple, Climb,
Watch performers of minority, visit plant which famous in produce bottled water……
We also would like share some pictures with you.:-)

It show Shakya Muni become the Buddha under the Bodhi tree.
MVTEAM Travel in 2015 Dec.

It’s a panoramic view of the temple.
MVTEAM Travel full view of a temple

Friends of minority Ka Wa performing climb a mountain of swords and plunge into a sea of flames.
MVTEAM Travel show time
MVTEAM Travel show time

Visit NongFu Spring plant which produce bottle of water, it’s a full mechanization, automation factory.
MVTEAM Travel--visit nongfu factory

Family photos of MVTEAM sales department
MVTEAM sales dept

China is a beautiful, safe, peace country, we working hard for a better life, we warmly welcome our friends like you can pay a visit to China.