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What’s the real distance for the power supply of POE?

Jerry Wang www.mvteamcctv.com 2015-12-16 14:09:08
As we all know, the power supply distance for POE switch is 100m,when over 100m,data delay and date loss will happen.
 POE Connection
And do you know why it is 100 meter ?

In fact,the POE distance depend on the the distance for the data signal transfer in CAT cable,if only supply the power,it can be very far.

But the data signal(video/audio) can only transfer about 100 meter, in projects,to make sure the quality,generally we make it at 80 to 90 meter.

Please note that this transmission distance refers to the maximum of the rate,such as 100MB,
if make the rate to 10MB,the distance can be 150 to 200 meter(depends on the quality of CAT cable)

If you want to make the POE distance longer,you should choose the better quality for the cable.
CAT5 cable is the normal cable in the market,and too much difference for the quality of this kind,to save the cost,many factories use the copper cable mixed with iron or steel, this make the distance transfer shot if not with full copper.

And CAT5E, CAT6 cable will be better ,these two kinds of cable are used in most of the CCTV projects. 

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