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What is the different between the model AH22 and AH28 AHD Cameras?

  • Author:May Zhou
  • Source:www.mvteamcctv.com
  • Release on :2015-12-15
From the form as above, we will know about the series of model AH22 and AH 28 :
1-The housing of them are similar.
2-The same resolution of them have the same chipset.
3-Both of them are with 6mm lenses , 36pcs×Φ5 IR leds,30m IR Distance.

So some customers will be confused and asked they are almost the same why the series AH28 is more expensive.
The following I will show you the different between them:
1-Actually the housing of them are different. See the picture as below:
The size of AH 28 series is larger.
Dome AHD Camera size MVTEAM
2-The lenses of them are different
1)AH22 series cameras are with M12 lens
2)AH28 series cameras are with CS lens
The CS lens is better and it can make the image clearer. 

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