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How to do when we can not remote view DVR/NVR via PC and Mobile Phone?

  • Author:Jane Tan
  • Source:www.mvteamcctv.com
  • Release on :2016-03-31
Viewing the DVR/NVR via mobile phone and PC remotely become more and more popular,
and if you bought a MVTEAM DVR/NVR but can not remote view successful, what we can do?

First, please go to the DVR P2P Setup, to check the DVR's P2P version,
at present for MVTEAM DVR have 2 kinds of P2P, one is Qmeye and one is VG Lite,
about how to distinguish, please check below article:
How to distinguish the Mobile P2P App on your Hybird DVR ?
And after confirm the P2P version, if it is VG Lite, you can find the solution at 
How to Achieve the Remote Viewing of DVR?

After do step by step, if still have problem, please kindly take the pictures about what you do and contact the salesman, they will guide you.
Any questions about MVTEAM products and service please tell us freely.