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What's the relative merits of transmission modes(POE,EoC,PLC) for CCTV System?

Grace Liu www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-03-30 15:57:40
At present,there are mainly three transmission modes for CCTV surveillance system:POE(Power Over Ethernet),EoC(Ethernet Over Coax) and PLC(Power Line Communication).What's the advantages and disadvantages of each mode?Below we will clarify one by one.

POE(Power Over Ethernet) 
POE connection
*Video and power can be transmitted in one cat5/6 cable
*Simplify the installation process
*Reduce the installation and maintenance cost
*Improve the stability of CCTV surveillance system
*transmission distance within 100m

EoC(Ethernet Over Coax) 
EOC connection
*longer transmission distance max 500m
*higher communication rate at least 1.5Mbps
*Lower cost
*only support point-to-point connection,operation is not flexible.

PLC(Power Line Communication) 
PLC connection
*Plug and play,don't need install additional wire
*No compatibility problems as all cameras need to be supplied power
*Make cctv cameras as household appliances,video and power are transmitted by power cable
*transmission distance reach 500m,transmission rate reach 200Mpbs
*Scope of application is limited
*High cost

Execpt above three mainly transmission modes,wireless transmission in CCTV system also become more and more popular. 
MVTEAM can provide wireless IP CCTV system,no need cable connection between cameras and NVR. Have you tried wireless CCTV products?If yes,is it possible to share your experience with us?If not,would you like to test sample of wireless IP cctv system

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