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How to select the proper security DVR?

Shalyn www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-09-18 14:24:14
Since the advanced science and technology, DVR is widely used in CCTV surveillance system. There are all kinds of DVR with different level quality in the security market.Then how to choose right standalone DVR? There are some aspects may be of help,please read the following information. 
Foreword: distinguish low or high level DVR
User can check the frame rate, storage size, image resolution, user operational interface...etc most important features to identify the quality of security DVR.

1. Frame rate (recording speed)
The frame rate (FPS) means display or record frame per second. For instance, when the DVR in real-time recording, the frame rate is 30 frames per second. Then you can watch the live video, you will not omit any moves. Frame rate setting also based on storage. Both have a close connection with storage. The larger capacity you have, the higher frame rate you can set on your DVR.

2. Storage capacity (HDD)
The bigger of storage capacity, the better for the storage of video. Only save video automatically, so that can playback the valuable video and be the evidence when in necessary situation to check the crime scene video. There is a function if storage is full, DVR will delete the previous video to make room for new one. So users should better backup HDD (hard disk) videos periodically.

3. Image Resolution (Mega Pixel)
Image resolution reflects the DVR's quality, but in terms of technology, high resolution will occupy large space of HDD, so when user record video may need to adjust the resolution properly.

4. User Operational Interface
The operation for DVR must as foolproof as possible, it's better that user can press one button on the panel to complete the function.

These four factors will guide you to choose the most suitable one and meet your requirements.

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