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How to view IP Camera by Computer and Smart Phone?

Selena Lin www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-01-07 11:11:53
IP Cameras, or Network CCTV Cameras, have built-in network protocol, so IP Cameras can link the computer directly without NVR.
About MVTEAM IP Cameras, how to achieve the remote viewing by PC and mobile phone?

By Computer:
1)Viewing By IE.
View IP Camera by IE
View IP Camera by IE

2)Viewing by CMS software
The CMS software is mCMS.(You can copy it from the CD which comes with the IP Camera)

By Mobile phone
1)Viewing by Mobile phone
The mobile phone software is Qmeye.
The Qmeye software supports view our NVR too. Then you can read the introduction at 
How to Achieve the Remote Viewing of DVR?

If you use the IP Camera together with the NVR, then you can visit the camera through NVR software.
The details you also can view at:
How to Achieve the Remote Viewing of DVR? 

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