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How to Do When forgot DVR Password?

mvteam mvteamcctv.com 2015-11-03 17:04:05

If you bought DVR, NVR, AHD DVR or CVI DVR from MVTEAM, and forget your DVR password, 

don’t worry, here we guide you how to get it work. 

Firstly download the “Recover DVR password software” from our website:
http://www.mvteamcctv.com/download_page2.html in number 4 as below.

Purpose: help users back to the default password when you forget present one.

Steps as following:
1) Start DVR,enter login interface,click "forget password",
pop up forget password message box,users can see serial number of the DVR.

2) Run GenSuperPassword.exe you downloaded.

3) Input the serial number and date in corresponding text-box. Choose the date must according to the date you set on DVR.For example,you set the date 2012-08-09, then you can fill in 2012-08-09 or 2012-08-08 or 2012-08-07, and other dates won't work. 

4) Click"Generate",appear such information show as below: 

dvr password
5) Input the super password that get from GenSuperPassword.exe to the forget password     message box on DVR.
6) Click "ok", pop up"User account initialization is successful". 

7) Click "ok", then use default password to login. the default password is empty. Note: If there's wrong with super password, please check whether you choose the right date or fill in right password carefully.

Shenzhen MVTEAM Technology Co.,Ltd is China P2P AHD DVR Manufacturer, Focus on CCTV Surveillance more than 10 years.

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