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Matters need pay attention to when install speed dome cameras

  • Author:Grace Liu
  • Source:www.mvteamcctv.com
  • Release on:2016-07-15
When install speed dome cameras,we need pay attention to below matters:
1-Power supply
To make sure the speed dome camera work properly,power supply can not be lower than nominal value of  input voltage.When nominal value is 24V DC, voltage fluctuation can not beyond -25%~+25%.According to different installment environment,can choose local power supply(Convert 110V/220VAC to 24VAC ),long-distance voltage transformation,centralized power supply.When adopting centralized power supply,should considering the voltage loss on cables,then,can adopt bigger output power supply and improve the output voltage properly.For example,use 28VAC to remote power for 24VAC nominal value cameras.

2-Ground connection
There are two parts for ground connection: case grounding and internal electrical grounding.
Case grounding is for preventing static-electric accumulation and electrical leakage.Usually,the speed dome cameras which installing on poling bracket,already has earthing protection,don't need do case ground again.
The data cable and video cable inside camera has been connected to GND already,only need connect the camera inside GND to ground electrode,then,can make sure the device has been connect to ground effective.
Please note:Outdoor speed dome cameras also need adopt lightning protection measure.

For outdoor speed dome camera,it's better use the standard bracket which is matched with camera.Because the waterproof performance had been considing when design the bracket,use mateched bracket,can avoid leaking problem.If user custom-made bracket,also need pay attention to the waterproof performance.Mean while,in order to reduce moisture come inside bracket,should use plasticine or silica gel to seal the juncture between bracket and poling.

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