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Necessary Skills for CCTV Camera Installation

  • Author:Grace Liu
  • Source:www.mvteamcctv.com
  • Release on:2016-08-01
Installing CCTV Cameras properly is very important in CCTV projects,in this article,let's talk about the necessary skills for CCTV Camera installation.
Necessary Skills for CCTV Camera Installation

1-In the target zone,the installation height for indoor camera is 2.5m~4m,outdoor camera is 3.5m~10m .

2-After wiring all the cables,power on cameras,check whether every camera works well,if not,solve the problem firstly.After make sure all cameras can work well,then,start to fix the cameras.

3-If there is strong current in the area,need insulated isolation between camera and ground to avoid interference.

4-If necessary,need do lightning protection for outdoor installation cameras

5-Need install cameras at firm wall or other firm place to make sure the image won't shake.

6-Check infrared function should be done at night,adjust the IR leds lighting position thru monitor.

7-For speed dome cameras,need keep about 1m cable from cameras as spare to make sure the camera can rotate normally.

8-In IR Camera view field,need avoid all black,open space,water and other absorb infrared ray objects.Because IR leds launch infrared ray to objects,then reflect to camera lens to form image.If the infrared ray is absorbed or weaken will reduce illuminate effect of IR leds,image will not clear enough.

9-For IR camera,don't install it towards light source.or else,the IR leds will can not turn on and off properly.

10-Must ensure the working condition of IR leds.For example,power supply should be higher than working power of IR leds.

11-Don't touch camera lens during installtion.

12-Choose good quality BNC connector,it's very important to reduce trouble during maintaining.

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