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New Options for AHD Cameras

  • Author:mvteam
  • Source:mvteamcctv.com
  • Release on:2015-11-20

AHD Cameras as the main products of Shenzhen MVTEAMTechnology Co.,Ltd(CCTV AHD Camera Wholesalers inchina)  has updated recently. There are 3 optionsfor 1MP solution and 2 options for 1.3MPsolutions.
The options are:
1/4” CMOS(GC1004+NVP2431H)1.0M/720P,with IR CUT
1/4” CMOS(OV9712+NVP2431H)1.0M/720P,with IR CUT
1/4” CMOS(AR0141+NVP2431H )1.0M/720P,Low Illumination, with IR CUT

1/3”CMOS(AR0130+NVP2431H  ) 1.3M/1024P,with IRCUT
1/3” CMOS(SONY238+NVP2431H)1.3M/1024P,with IR CUT

In the 1MP solution, we recommend youthe 1/4” CMOS(AR0141+NVP2431H)solution. This solution has betterperformance at night with low illumination.
See below the picture demo of thissolution.

For othersolutions demo, please feel free to contact with MVTEAM Sales:sales009@mvteam.cn