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The Difference Between Original Led And Led Array

  • Author:mvteam
  • Source:mvteamcctv.com
  • Release on:2015-11-20
1-Raw materials are not the same
Ternary wafers ordinary light lampsare four yuan wafer lattice crystal growth process, ternary wafersneighboring luminous light, four yuan wafers axial luminous light,a more favorable light collection and secondary condenser, so dotinfrared after our secondary condenser lens, the photoelectricconversion efficiency is very high, almost all of the availablelight is effectively utilized.

2- Packages are not thesame
The traditional epoxy, Cons: the caseof thermal generation fracture layer, the longer working hours,more broken layer, sending light is blocked, the light fadesbecomes large. Dot infrared using silicone, heat does not producefracture layer, the light fades no impact.
Following is product picture for yourreference from China HD-SDI CCTVCamera Manufacturers-MVTEAM.

3-Thermal separation
Conventional thermoelectric no separation, heatconductive through two very small electrodes to heat hard to spreadit out. Dot infrared thermal separation, separate cooling basethrough additional independent heat sink can be very effective todissipate heat, heat treatment lucky about20-30%.