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About IR Leds and IR Cut

  • Author:mvteam
  • Source:mvteamcctv.com
  • Release on:2015-11-20
In the light spectrum, it comes belowthe color red, invisible to the naked eye.
Some cameras come with infrared LEDssurrounding the lens.  These LEDs will emit theirown light to illuminate an area. These cameras are ideal for areaswith minimal light available.
The cameras will operate in colorduring the day and once the sensor detects increasing darkness thecamera will switch over to night vision. Traditionally at night, you can stand in front ofthe cameras and can see the IR LEDs giving off a faint redglow.

Infrared Cut Filter Removal(ICR)
An IRfilter that is placed in front of the image sensor in a camera lensto remove infrared wavelengths that distort the image duringdaylight.  

IR cut is a very important part inCMOS camera, it can determine the image quality indark.
Most of MVTEAM(ChinaCCTV IP Camera manufacturer) HD camera is use 3.0 megapixel IRCut.