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What should we pa attention to when installing IR cameras?

mvteam mvteamcctv.com 2015-11-19 10:14:21

IR camera is supportedby infrared light emitting infrared rays on the object andreflecting to CCD camera to form an image. So when we install IRcamera, we need to avoid black object, open area, water and otherobjects that absorb infrared rays. If infrared rays be absorbed orweakend, it will reduce the light irradiation effect of infraredlight, thus affect the quality of moniter image.

IR cameras use high-end CCDlens. During installation, should avoid strong impact on IRcameras. Before installation, must confirm if the power supplyvoltage is the specified voltage, in case of being burned.The lenscan't point to the light, like sunshine, lighting, etc. Or therewill be over bright phenomenon and it will reduce the lifetime ofCCD. The installation position of IR cameras should also avoiddamp,dusty,extremely hot,cold,strong electromagnetic radiationplaces.

Following are the tipswhen installing IR Cameras:

First, need to decide where toinstall the cameras. Driveway, porch, entrance, parking, garage andbackyard are the common places to install IRCameras.

Second, consider to use awireless IR Camera. If you plan to install the camera far away fromyour house, like a detached garage, remember that IR cameras alsoneed power supply to work.

Third, the external deviceshould be installed to protect the content and the location takenby the cameras.This will involve the mounting holes on the wall andbracket.

Finally, check the sight ofcamera during the day and night. Ensure that when someone come intosight, the cameras can capture any movement. If necessary, need toadjust the direction of cameras.