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The Difference Of Frame Rate, Stream and Resolution

mvteam mvteamcctv.com 2015-11-05 15:16:43


Frame rate is the quantity of image, resolution is the size of each image, that Means definition stream is the date quantity / second video after compressed, compressing is spantial reduce redundancy and time redundancy. So for stillness scenario, can getter better image quality, but for movement scenario, difficult to reach good image quality with high stream.

So Conclusion: setting Means realtime frame rate, resolution setting Means the image size, setting stream depends on the camera and scenarion, throuhg debut, until they get a acceptable image quality.


Frame Rate:

A frame is a stillness of the image, continuous frame forms of animation, like televison image. The frame rate usually we said, simple saying, image frame Transferred in 1 second, also can be understood is how many times the graphics image processor can update in 1 second. High frame rage can get more fluid and realistic image.



It Means used video data flow per unit time, it's the most important part in image quality control. Under the same resolution, the video stream of bigger, compressing smaller, higher quality image.



Resolution Means the size of image. Common resolution is 352 × 288.176 × 144.640 × 768 × 480.1024, in the group digital, the former is the length of image, the latter is the width of image, two multiply, get resolution of image, usually we length: width is 4: 3.


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