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Basic FAQ for MVTEAM IP Camera

mvteam mvteamcctv.com 2015-11-05 15:18:10

1. Fail to visit IP camera via IE browser

Possible Reason 1: Network is disconnected.

Solution: Connect your PC to network, checking whether it works properly or not. Check whether there is cable failure,power problem,network failure or PC virus, until PCs can be connected with the command of Ping.

Possible reason 2: IP Address has been occupied by other devices

Solution: Stop the connection between IP camera and Network, and connect the IP camera to PC directly, change the IP address if IP camera,please pay attention to the IP address collision.

Possible reason 3: IP addresses are in different subnets.

Solution: Check IP address, subnet masking address and gateway of the PC or server,Change the gateway of PC or add a new IP to PC and share the same sub network with IP camera.

Possible reason 4: Physical address of network conflict with IP camera

Solution: modify the physical address of IP camera.

Possible Reason 5: Web port has been modified

Solution: Contact with Network Administrator to obtain related information.

Possible Reason 6: Unknown

Solution: Press RESET to restore default settings then connect it again, the default IP address is, subnet mask is

2. No video image displayed in IE browser

Possible reason: ActiveX not installed

Solution: ActiveX must be installed when visiting IP camera for the first time via Internet Explore.

How to install: Visit IP camera, click [file], and download dialog will pop up, select [Run] or [Save] to download. Please reference the ActiveX install part to install the ActiveX.

3. Can not install ActiveX correctly.

Possible reason 1: IE with high security level

Solution: Change the IE security level,IE tools->Internet options->Security->Custom level, enable or prompt when download unsigned ActiveX and enable run unsigned ActiveX, see as PIC 1:


Possible reason 2: Other processes using the .dll file of webcms.

Solutions: Closing the related processes which can use the .dll file of webcms, including IE browser and MCMS software.

4. Can not upgrade the IP camera via IE

Possible reason 1: IE with high security level.

Solutions: Change the IE security level,IE tools->Internet options->Security->Custom level. Enable uploading file to sever with local path in the other part, see as PIC 2:

Possible reason 2: IP camera during upgrade while not showing the status bar.

Solutions: ActiveX(WEBCMS) not match with the WEB version cause no status bar showing, download the new ActiveX and install again, please reference the list 2 and list 3 to install successful.

5. Device Search and MCMS can not search any cameras in the LAN.

Possible reason 1: Device search and MCMS using multicast protocol to search the IP camera in the network, while firewall forbid multicast packet.

Solutions: Disable the firewall in the network, including the PC part and Layer 3 switch or router part.

Possible reason 2: IP camera and server not in the same sub network.

Solutions: Please check the network and be sure that IP camera and server in the same LAN.

6. Video not smoothly.

Possible reason 1: Frame rate is not the real time.

Solutions: Higher the Frame rate, PAL system,25 fps as max, NTSC system, 30 fps as max.

Possible reason 2: CPU is too high for so many client access the IP camera at the same time.

Solutions: Close some unimportant client, or lower the bit-rate of IP camera.

Possible reason 3: Network bandwidth is not enough, cause loss packet frequently.

Solutions: Lower the bit-rate, frame rate or using the sub stream of camera.

Possible reason 4: Hardware configuration is not good enough to decode timely.

Solutions: HD IP camera has higher requirement for Graphics card, CPU and memory. Check the status of CPU and memory, closing un related processes, using sub stream for live view or lower bit-rate of camera.

7. Image color not normal.

Possible reason: image parameters been changed.

Solutions: Check the parameters of image,especially the parameter of hue, white balance.for white balance,please using the AWB.

8. Login the camera while can not change any parameters.

Possible reason: Login the camera with user level, not with administrator.

Solutions: Contact with network manager to get the administrator user and password for IP camera.

9. No audio during Listen status.

Possible reason 1: Audio device not work properly, no audio device connect with IP camera or server.

Solutions: check the audio device works well.

Possible reason 2: not enable audio function.

Solutions: Check the audio setting part, enable audio function.

10. Forget password.

Solution: There is a [RESET] button on the back panel of the IP camera, press it 1-2 seconds, then loosen it 1-2 seconds, and try 3 times . Camera will restore all default parameters (Factory Settings), user name and password are both “admin”.

Notice: Please don’t press RESET if you are not a professional operator. After reset, all parameters will restore factory settings (except for the physical network address).


11. After upgrading the camera, there is typesetting problem for IE.

Possible reason: WEB version of IP camera with big changes in typesetting,when re-login the camera,IE will call the data in the cookies, cause typesetting problem.

Solutions: Open IE browser,IE tools->Internet options->delete file,to delete files in cookies and login camera again.

More FAQs, welcome to visit our china cctv ip camera manufacturer FAQ Center .