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The difference Between Megapixel HD Lens and Common Lens

mvteam mvteamcctv.com 2015-11-05 15:19:53

First, different definition.

For Common Lens, the resolution in central portion of the image is the highest, while the edge is relatively worse.The general resolution of Common Lens can reach 500,000 pixels. But HD lens is completely different. The following are three key factors that determine the resolution of lens:

1-Material and Purity of the Lens.The fewer impurities, the less interference of light it produces, the higher resolution the image will be.

2-Grinding precision of the Lens.The grinding precision is determined by the grinding equipment. The current difference between domestic and foreign lens is reflected at this point.

3-Coating precision of the Lens. Precise control of the coating process is one of the determinants of lens resolution.

In addition, Megapixel HD lens mostly use aspheric lens design.This can reduce aberrations.Compared to Common Lens, this design not only improve the resolution but also it's a miniaturized design. Aspherical lens technology use special optical design techniques, the image from center to peripheral portion have high-definition and high-contrast images. It improved by about 2.5 times higher resolution than traditional lens. It can even ensure high-quality image after cutting or optical zoom.

Second, different transmission spectrum.

Spectral transmission ability can help improve image resolution. The Lens transmission on broadband light will greatly improve the amount of light for camera target surface, enhance the contrast and brightness, and perform richer details of image.As for the differences of spectral correction capability, only a broad spectrum of transmission capacity for high-definition imaging is not enough. If the lens lacks the correction capability for spectrum, it will cause some wavelengths can not form image accurately on camera target surface and result in double image and virtual image. This broadband light transmission technology can not work on common lens even by coating, which is the difference between Megapixel HD Lens and common lens.

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