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The way to avoid the Flog or frost for waterproof camera

Jerry Wang www.mvteamcctv.com 2015-12-01 13:47:46

1.There is mist inside of the cameras.
Fog,frost are formed by water vapor in the air when they get cold,the cold environment is weak or strong, water vapor can be fog or frost.

When there is a flog or frost inside the cameras,especially for the dome indoor cameras,the flog or frost always cover the the glass window on the camera's shield,this make the image blurry and can't monitor clearly.

There are some different ways to avoid this:
Add the defrost circuit;open vent;filled with nitrogen gas;add fan and desiccant,some way can solve the problems,but some can’t.

Basically,make sure there is no volatile material and camera inside is clean will be effectively to avoid this,such as no flux on the PCB,no dust inside. And use the best material for the camera shield.led,IR cut, glass windows for the camera should be with best quality of silicone materials.
MVTEAM all cameras use the best material and can make sure it's very clean inside of our cameras.

2.There is mist outside of the cameras
When camera works in the environment of humidity,there will be some dirt in the glass shield of the cameras,this make the lens can't get more light.

The solution for this case will be easier:
a.Clean the glass window of the camera timely.
b.Use better quality of glass,which can refuse the water and dust.
c.Also it must be sealed inside of the camera,the shield of camera should also with good performance for waterproof function.

Recently,for the tightness function,there are still some technical problems in China market for cameras, and the way MVTEAM do is:
a.Add waterproof pad in the connect place of camera case.
b.Add waterproof plastic at the screw of the camera.
c.Best design for aluminum camera case,with less and precise interface.

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