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Top6 FAQs of MVTEAM Wireless IP Kit

Jane Tan www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-03-07 12:00:50
Q1- Whether your wireless IP Kit include hard disk?
A1: The wireless kit come with all needed accessories except the hard disk, 
as different customers need different capacity HDD, if you need it from us, just let us know freely.
Q2- Whether the security system support network and mobile phone remote view?
A2:Yes,it can support network function.You can remote view the camera image from any where in the world by computer(IE browser & client software) and smartphone like: iPhone, Anroid OS,
for mobile view only need download the APP  ESEENET+
more details can be found in our weblink:
How to remote view wireless NVR kit on mobile phone?
Q3-  What is the maximum distance between NVR and Camera?
A3: The wireless system is a closed system, the signal is from NVR to Camera,
about the distance,theoretically,100m in open space and 30m barrier transmit distance.But the practical distance will depends on your environment.
mvteam wireless nvr kit wifi distance
Q4- Whether the NVR with wireless and Wired Ports?
A4:The NVR is a wireless NVR and at NVR back panel there is a RJ45 interface, if your NVR won't need connect network, you can use it connect to 1pc camera via Cat^5 cable
mvteam wirless nvr back view 
Q5- Can use a repeater to expand the distance?
A5: Can not 
Q6- Do you have any certificates for the security equipment? 
 A5: Yes, all MVTEAM DVR kits are with CE, RoHS, FCC certificates for Europe and USA markets.
 In addition, MVT-K04DH have been mass sell to Walmart in Brazil in 2012.


Any more questions about wireless NVR Kit,welcome to contact us.