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Walk into MVTEAM (1)

Judy Du www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-01-04 11:35:16
How is MVTEAM company ?
And how is the team working there ?
Does the company really exist and is the salesman I’m contacting fraud ?

Many customers abroad may have these doubts when they want to purchase CCTV products from us. And not every customer can come to China and visit us.

Today we show you more about MVTEAM from another aspect--MVTEAM culture and Daily Routine, to guide you walk in MVTEAM and know a real MVTEAM even from abroad.

MVTEAM company is located in Zhantao Technology Building,Longhua New District, Shenzhen City, China. ( Our factory is about 20mins’ drive from our sales office.)
When you enter MVTEAM sales office, you will see the front desk first:
MVTEAM Front dest and rest place
On the left side, you can see a LED board, which is for welcoming customers to visit us each time.
On the right side is a place to rest. And also MVTEAM members have lunch and afternoon tea here together.

For customers who visit our company, we’ll take pictures together and customers will leave their signature . Next time, when they come again, they may think of the memories in MVTEAM.
MVTEAM customer's signature and photos

We also print some pictures of customers and MVTEAM activities and paste them on the photo wall here:
MVTEAM Photo wall

Here comes our sales office, finance office, manager office, showroom & meeting room.
MVTEAM office and meeting room

That is the MVTEAM sales office. It’s not so big but a complete and very professional manufacturer and exporter in CCTV products. Warmly welcome to visit us when you come to China !

For MVTEAM members, please check contact us  to get our contacts. Welcome to make friends with us.

Hope the above information help you know more about MVTEAM and can also teach you to tell the frauds who pretend to be MVTEAM sales and sell you MVTEAM products.
In next passage, we’ll share you MVTEAM daily routine and other more things.