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What's the difference between POE and POC?

  • Author:Sunshine
  • Source:www.mvteamcctv.com
  • Release on:2017-01-18
POE is short for Power Over Ethernet,it's a common transmition way for IP system.We wrote many articles about POE transmition before,welcome read below articles to know more about POE.
All MVTEAM IP Cameras support POE,if you are interested,welcome to contact us.

POC is short for Power Over Coax,it's a technology based on coaxial video,coaxial control and power superposition.POC technology realizes transmitting video singal,control signal and power in one coaxial cable.

Difference between POE and POC:
1-Different transmission medium
POE is transfered by twisted-pair cable,POC is transfered by coaxial cable.

2-Different transmission distance
The max transmission distance of POE is 100m;
Transmission distance of POC is more than 300m.
For POE,if want to transfer more than 100m,need add POE extenders in the system.

3-Fit for different systems
PoE is to transmit network data with higher reliability,mainly used in IP video surveillance projects.
POC could save cost and time on wiring,it's mainly used in analog video surveillance projects.
And there is a new technology POE&EOC which fit for IP system.