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Why DVR no response when turn on?

kelly Liang www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-07-25 12:05:06
Sometimes,when turn on or reboot DVR,it's no response.What do you do to solve the problem?Would you like to share your solution with us?Here we'd like to share what we do when meet such problem in advance.
1)Power supply problem
Check the power supply,see the power indicator light is on or not,then decide whether need change a power supply to try.

2)Hard disk problem
Check whether it's the hard disk problem,try whether it can turn on when no hard disk.

3)Software problem
   If it is freezing at startup picture , then should be software problem.
   Ask for the repair software from dvr supplier to repair the system.
   If it's MVTEAM dvr,also check whether you have repaired the DVR with bin software before?
   If yes, it maybe flash burned out during repair, need reprogramming.

4)Display problem
   Switch to connect with HDMI or VGA cable to check.

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