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Why Security Monitoring Industry Will Choose Cloud Storage?

Sunshine www.mvteamcctv.com 2017-03-08 11:31:37
With the Security Video clarity improving and the number of security monitoring channels increasing ,the storage problems become more prominent in security industry.Cloud storage as an important technical support for security development, for the future development of security pointed out the direction.According to the market situation and customer’s demand , MVTEAM just have released WIFI IP Camera which support cloud storage.

Cloud storage is the storage of resources into the cloud for access to a new program.Users can easily access data at any time,anywhere,through any networkable device connected to the cloud.The following is advantage of cloud storage :
(1) Large Capacity and Scalable
Unlike traditional storage disks, Cloud storage not only can store the content in a wide cloud space, but also can to expand capacity which based on the actual needs of customers.So,the waste of storage space reducing a lot,and also has been used in reason.That is in accordance with most customers demand to CCTV Camera currently.

(2)Cost Savings
For the security industry, video surveillance is an indispensable one.The survey shows that the unit cost of cloud storage is relatively low.Cloud storage is the storage server because the vendor is responsible for maintenance,so this unit cost actually includes the cost of maintenance.This cost is acceptable to both the business and the customer.Cloud storage will be the main choice for customer storage.

Each security enterprise project are different to the requirment of storage,only to discriminate,it can achieve cost saving and performance security.Video surveillance data is characterized by large capacity, low utilization rate is common,but can be covered by the time period and access requirements are different.So each security project can be based on the budget and the actual situation to choose a set of fit storage program, the value of cloud storage additional services more reflected.

MVTEAM Wifi Smart Cloud IP Cameras support cloud storage.If there is no SD card inside camera,you can choose cloud record.The first month for cloud storage is free,from next month need to pay.

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