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Why you need a portable CCTV Tester?

Grace Liu www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-09-20 15:10:24
CCTV tester is a tool for debugging and fault detect in CCTV projects.It supports camera image detection, PTZ control,cable testing, audio testing,control protocol analysis.With a CCTV tester,an engineer can easily finish the front camera positioning,testing, trouble-shooting etc.The work efficiency is improved greatly. So,CCTV Tester is a necessary tool for CCTV installers.Here we recommend a portable CCTV tester to you.
Why you need a portable CCTV Tester?

It supports AHD,TVI,CVBS video test. More Details as below:
Video test
Video System NTSC/PAL Automatically recognize
Video level 1VPP
Display screen 4.3inch LCD 480 * 272 resolution, 64K color
Screen adjustment Video display brightness, contrast, color saturation adjustable, 
LCD backlight brigh tness adjustable
Video input / output 1 channel BNC Video IN 
Video Signal
SD signal Format NTSC ,PAL
HD video signal AHD,TVI,CVBS
Resolution D1, 720P, 960P, 1024P,1080P
Signal Level 1Vpp
12V power output
Power output Temporary power output 12V 1A DC for cameras
USBX1  5V1A output for LED lighting and mobile phone charging
Audio test
Audio test Input audio signal, and played on the internal speaker
Power supply
External power supply DC 5V(2A)
Battery-powered Built-in 3.7V li-polymer battery, Capacity 2600mAh
Charge Charge time 3-4 hours Battery power time 8 hours
Power saving features Low power consumption, automatic power off,
 Real-time display of battery level
System settings
Language settings Chinese, English user selectable
Auto power off Disable / 5-60 minutes
Cable test
cable test Test any two or more wire cable Display connect sequence 
and remote number
LED Light 1*35mil LED light
Working environment and Specifications
30%-90% Rh

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