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You could be monitored if your surveillance devices are NOT password protected

Shalyn www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-10-27 14:48:35
With the advent of the IOT(Internet of things),malicious hacking attacks will be more frequent and hidden, while developing technology and equipment to prevent IOT controlled by hackers,we have to set up a complex password for the device and regularly update the password.

Surveillance devices such as IP Cameras,DVRs are a big part in IOT,which have the risk to be made as "Chicken" by hackers in attacks.If you haven’t been making the conscious to check and reset your surveillance devices on the basis of the default setting. There will be chances which someone else would utilize it and act it in a bad way. 
You could be monitored if your cameras are NOT password protected
Your privacy could be at risk and will draw in some hackers or malwares. Many people are at risk just because they don’t change the settings when they connect their camera to the internet. Here is a situation for home security systems. They all use a pretty generic IP address and unsafe websites from the beginning and all you need to gain access is the username. Under a normally circumstances, the username is always set as “admin” as we all known until you change it yourself. It’s kind of like when you first buy a new router for your WIFI connection. All settings are in default, like password and username. 

There are actually a few websites which are listed the open gates for anyone can completely open it to access into webcams online. This is telling you how worse will it be if you let that happen to you. 
There are also ways that you can do a simple search and find open webcams. Anyone can do it. If you have ever felt uneasy or that someone may be watching you, you could be right! If you haven’t checked out your security camera settings for a while then you should probably just check and make sure that everything is secure and password protected.

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