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How to do when the IP camera data delays?

May Zhou www.mvteamcctv.com 2016-05-30 10:15:34
As we know IP camera is more and more popular as its clear image. But meantime we suffer the delay problem of it .Here we will guide you how to solve this problem .
We know The main factors causing delay are that network transmission delay,bandwidth lack and mass storage etc. So please check the steps as below:
1-Check the network, whether the bandwidth is enough for the cameras.Connecting to another fast network speed to try .
2-Please try to use another cable.Usually we use CAT5 cable to work for it.Its transmission speed above 100 m or 1000 m
3-Please try to use another switch,usually 720P and 1080P cameras can work normally with the Mbps switch,but when channels and camera resolution are increase,it is better to use Gbps switch to work for it.
4-At last you also can try to reduce the video frame rate to improve the decompression standards

Hope above advice can help you .But please know the vedio of IP cameras has a little delay is normally. in the market at present,there are no IP cameras are without delay.

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