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UTC Function Help You Save One Dollar on Each Hybrid Camera(AHD,TVI,CVI)

  • Author:Grace Liu
  • Source:www.mvteamcctv.com
  • Release on:2016-11-10

A hybrid camera usually supports
 several video signals such as AHD,TVI,CVI and Analog.
Before,we need add OSD button on cable of hybrid camera to realize switching between different signal.And cost of the OSD button is USD1/pc.

Now MVTEAM do an improvement to help customers save the One Dollar for each hybrid camera.The improvement is using UTC function to switch signals of hybrid camera on DVR menu.Don't need addtional cost to add OSD buttons.

How to switch video signal of hybrid camera by UTC function?
It's not hard,you can call camera OSD menu on DVR thru UTC function(as below picture),then switch the signals on camera OSD menu.

Which hybrid cameras and DVRs support this new function?
1) The cameras adopt NVP2433 DSP are AHD+TVI+CVI hybrid cameras which support UTC function.MVTEAM can provide below solutions hybrid cameras with many different housings all can support this new function.
*1/4” CMOS(OV9732+NVP2433) 1.0MP
*1/3” CMOS(AR0130+NVP2433 ) 1.3MP

2) All MVTEAM New UI 5 in 1 DVRs support this new function.
Warmly notice:Please use the hybrid DVR(AHD,TVI,CVI,IP) to switch camera signal via UTC function,or else,if you use AHD DVRs switch the camera to CVI signal,then the camera only can work with CVI DVR,can no show image on AHD DVR until switch back to AHD signal.

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