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Why network monitoring appear delay?

mvteam mvteam.com 2015-11-16 18:01:21
Speaking in the security industry network monitoring delay, I am afraid we have become a well-known disadvantages of. However, the delay in the end it is because of what reason?

1- For network monitoring, the network bandwidth limitations make ip surveillance has been part of a headache. Because of this restriction, so forcing the network to monitor the transmission had to give up some very important things. In general network transmission systems, the router is the most important and most complete system indispensable equipment. But may not so friendly router for network video transmission. Since the transmission, routing forwarding takes some time, so the more transmission through the router, the greater the delay data. This also allows long-distance transmission, the delay has become an inevitable thing.

In addition to the router, quality, high-pressure line network traffic are also causing delays culprit.

2- Consuming signal processing network hosts
In the transmission network, the codec is the main factor universally recognized time-consuming. As the network video surveillance system decoding devices are often used for client host. Therefore, host configuration also directly affect the quality of the transmission rate of the entire signal. If you catch a comparison of old and sick host device, then the delay phenomenon is certainly indispensable.

3- Network transmission, the encoding process itself takes
Due to the daily video transmission, analog and digital conversion is also a consumer point of time can not be omitted. Currently, in order to obtain a better picture quality, many manufacturers are adopting nowadays the most advanced H.264 compression algorithm as its own. But, when the image scene more complex, more moving objects, the greater the time frame rate and bit rate, H.264 category using the higher level, the greater the difficulty of codecs, time-consuming naturally the more and more.

4- Network monitoring device
It is in the process of network transmission above these three banks, so make network video transmission latency has become an unavoidable problem.
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